The Attraction Formula

How To Be More Attractive To Your Wife In The Next 45 Minutes 

Whether you are:

  • Frustrated with doing so much in your marriage... but getting little to no attention, appreciation, affection or sex back
  • Trying to recover from infidelity (yours or hers)
  • Or trying to stop or end a separation or divorce...

It all comes back to the same problem.

Your Wife Has Lost Attraction To You.

That's why I've created a confidential 45 minute training and 7 day email series that will teach you:

  • The top things you are doing that are REPELLING your wife
  • The #1 trait women are MOST attracted to... and how to demonstrate it
  • How to restore trust, improve communication, and create amazing passion and intimacy in your marriage
  • How to create mental, emotional and sexual intimacy with your wife, and leave an amazing legacy for your children to follow...
  • All while living aligned with Christian principles (no "bad boy" advice here)

My name is Mike Frazier, MD. I am a psychiatrist and marriage coach for high achieving, professionally successful Christian men.

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The Attraction Formula

How To Be More Attractive To Your Wife In 45 Minute Video Training And 7 Day Email Series

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