Want More Intimacy In Your Marriage?

In spite of what you were told, women are NOT attracted to men who try to “make them happy.”

My name is Mike Frazier, MD. I am a psychiatrist and marriage coach for men.

I tried to "make my wife happy" for YEARS, but it NEVER produced the PASSION and INTIMACY I wanted.

And all my trying just sent me to my car screaming in frustration after a YEAR of ZERO sexual intimacy.

So, if women aren't attracted to husbands who try to make them happy...

What ARE they ATTRACTED to?

Learn what it is in my FREE and CONFIDENTIAL training:

Why You Must STOP Trying To Make Your Wife Happy

You'll learn:

  • Why trying to "make your wife happy" NEVER works
  • The MOST attractive traits you can demonstrate to your wife
  • What REALLY works to create PASSION and INTIMACY in a marriage

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